The 'Bridesmaids' actress is currently single but insists she doesn't feel she is missing out by not settling down or having children yet.

She said: "Marriage doesn't interest me.

"I have two nephews so I get to see how fundamentally a baby changes everything. So for now, the nephews will do, thank you."

The 31-year-old beauty admitted she hates the attention she receives from men but isn't afraid to speak up and ask them to leave her alone.

She recalled: "I went to a concert in LA recently, to see The National.

"And this guy tried to hit on me, right there, as the band were playing, during a ballad.

"I told him firmly to take his hands off me and step away. I guess he thought I was some Australian exchange student."

Rose recently admitted she often rows with her "sensitive" male friends and can understand the theme of 'Bridesmaids,' which explores the impact of a wedding on a group of pals.

She said: "I think friendships are like that, man or woman. I’ve had friends that go away, you kind of drift. My most sensitive friend is a male friend. If I can’t come to his place, he’ll hang up on me and I’ll be be like, ‘oh my God, are you kidding me right now?’ Guys are more sensitive."

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