Bradley Cooper 'Hangover'
The actor has portrayed smooth-talking Phil Wenneck – the leader of the boisterous 'Wolf Pack' bachelor party - in two movies and he regards him as his "coolest" ever role.

He said: "He's my favourite character to play. And playing him a second time, I realized just how much I loved him.
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"He makes no apologies for who he is, but there's no malice to him either. He's a big talker, but he's never the loudest guy. He's not boisterous, he doesn't need to compensate for some insecurity, he's just the coolest motherf****r there is."

Bradley – whose past roles have included lovesick journalist Will Tippin in TV series 'Alias' and Face in 'The A-Team' – got a lot of inspiration for Phil's character from the films' director Todd Phillips

He added to GQ magazine: "A lot of his mannerisms, the way he speaks, the way he talks and the way he is in general, I took from the director Todd Philips."