It has been revealed that Bradley Cooper played a large part in helping Norther Irish actor, Liam Neeson, land the role of tattoo artist in the upcoming “Hangover 2” movie.

Cooper and Neeson both starred in “The A-Team” and after Mel Gibson was dropped from the role it seems the Cooper saw the perfect role for his friend Neeson.

This isn’t the first time Neeson has stepped in to save Cooper’s projects. Cooper was meant to be starring in Joe Carnahan’s upcoming “The Grey” but now Neeson has stepped into the breach for the main role. The movie is an action drama about an Alaskan oil drilling team who survives a plane crash and have to fight for their lives.

Unfortunately busy Bradley Cooper had a schedule clash and couldn’t be part of “The Grey” due to his commitments on an adventure series, “Globe Trekker”.