The rivalry continues.

At this stage of the game wouldn't you think the pair would be well over each other?

Apparently not, Brian McFadden, Kerry Katona's ex husband has been defending his ability as a father after Katona wrote in a new book that he was , well, useless.

He said, "I was so infuriated when I read it and it was so typical. I just lost it and (went) straight on Twitter. You know probably the things I said, if I had've sat down and thought about it and spoke to a journalist about it, I wouldn't have said it.

"But at the end of the day I spoke from the heart. I was angry and I got my point across. I might have been a bit over-the-top, but at least I got my point across and I got to vent."

McFadden who lives in Australia with his current gal, fiancee Delta Goodrem, recently lost custody battles in England for his two girls, Lilly and Molly.

He hopes in the future the children will want to move down under with him.

"Molly's nine in August and Lilly's now seven, so there's only a few more years until they can pretty much do what they want. I would like to bring them to Australia one day and I know they want to come."