Boyzone held an emotional reunion Thursady night, the first since founder member Stephen Gately died.

The band made a surprise appearance at the Royal Albert Hall where lead singer Ronan Keating was due to perform solo.

Shane Lynch, Mikey Graham and Keith Duffy were surprise guests when Keating came on stage. Gately died in October of a pulmonary oedema.

Speaking to the crowd, Graham said: 'As long as we’re here and you’re here, Stephen’s here too.'

Lynch said Gately would have found it amusing to see them so emotional on stage: 'He would pat us on the arm tonight and say, "Pull it together."

'Stephen lived in a fantasy and didn't like dealing with reality. Tonight it is our reality, though.

Keating paid tribute to the former band member.

"Dealing with [his death] through songs and interviews has been a great therapy so for us this is easier but we're not just dealing with our emotions out there, it's all the fans too, it's the first time for them. It's going to be emotional."

'You have followed us for seventeen years,you have made us welcome in your towns and cities and we will never forget the love and support you have shown.'Stephen will always be with us when we sing and when we perform. He will live on in our music."