Bono's rosary beads fetched $6,336 in a bizarre online auction.

The beads were part of a 16-item lot that went for sale Friday.

The beads did better than another religious object - Larry Mullen's old Bible which failed to attract a single bid.

Of course Bono always has a set of Rosary beads on him when he performs.

He received his current Rosary beads from Pope John Paul II in September 1999 when he visited the Pope's summer home in Castlegandolfo to seek support for a global debt relief effort.

Turns out that the Pope swapped the Rosary beads for a chance to wear Bono's trademark shades.

So I asked if he wanted them," Bono said. "He not only nodded, but he put them on and made the wickedest smile. It was a great moment for a lot of reasons, and one of them was, I thought, 'We'll be on the front page of every newspaper.'"

Sadly, the Vatican didn't have the same sense of humor as the Pope.

The pictures have never seen the light of day.