Sean Penn and Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson – also known as Bono’s daughter – was at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday to promote her first big film, This Must Be the Place, which stars Sean Penn.

Hewson, only 19 but a beauty who strongly resembles her mom (sorry, Dad!), seemed to enjoy the press attention at the annual mega-watt event in Utah. One paper reported that she didn’t flinch when some dopey reporter asked if she’d ever been to Dublin.

"I always wanted to go to Sundance. I came two years ago, just with friends, and we went to see some movies. And I thought, 'God, I really want to have a movie here!'" she said.

The film sees Penn playing an aging G0th-style rock star named Cheyenne, who gives up his successful career to live an anonymous life in Ireland with his wife, played by fellow Oscar winner Frances McDormand.
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No longer interested in fame, Cheyenne eventually sets out on a mission across the U.S. to find a former Nazi who brutalized his father in a concentration camp in Auschwitz.  The film will be distributed by the Weinstein Company, and though it had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last year, there’s still no definitive U.S. release date yet, at least not that we’ve seen.

How does Bono compare to Penn’s Cheyenne character? "I wouldn't say my dad is anything like this character. Very, very different,” Hewson said.

Penn, she added, was great to work with.

"It was a little scary. I remember when I got the part, I watched all his movies. All of them, going back to Bad Boys. So I was trying to do my homework. But when I met him, he was great. I think we had a good working relationship,” she told the press.

Hewson plays a teenage Goth friend of Cheyenne’s in Dublin. Working with two esteemed actors like Penn and McDormand was an unforgettable experience, she says.

"I looked at the call sheet and my name was smack in the middle of Frances McDormand and Sean Penn and it was, like, 'How is this happening? This is unreal.' It was very intimidating. I saved the call sheet,” she revealed.

The film opens in the U.K., and presumably Ireland, next month.

Here's a brief video that Hewson made with Vanity Fair magazine at Cannes: