Bono has revealed how he took morphine to deal with the severe back pain he experienced after an emergency spine operation.

“To deal with the pain, in the beginning, I took morphine. And like anyone on drugs I did strange things. In hospital, I always wanted ice cream. I drank. I even started smoking again,” he said.

The band had to cancel an entire North American and Canadian leg of their 360° Tour, due to have started on June 3, because Bono (50) injured his back during rehearsals.

His surgery was clearly a success as the band played a sold out gig in Turin's Olympic Stadium on Friday night .

Bono kicked off his comeback set "Beautiful Day" and "Magnificent."

The band also played two new tracks called "North Star Acoustic" and "Glastonbury."

He also thanked the band members for staying with him during his illness.

"This band is like a family. It's a family business, U2. I am the prodigal son. I would like to thank my brothers for their patience."