Sometimes you have to admit the gossip writers really stretch to makeup a story.

Such was the one that Bono had made "diva demands" at a New York restaurant called "Butter" while dining there last week with The Edge.

According to the Daily News Bono demanded Perrier water. What could be wrong with that? Isn't he entitled to ask for his favorite brand?

OK so the waiter didn't have it and they sent out for it. Big deal. That's a reflection on the restaurant not Bono.

Then the Daily News says he had the gall to ask that his salad be chopped up. Heavens to Betsy -- what a request.

And guess what, he checked that they had chopped it up when it arrived. How dare he!

Give me a break here, folks. Bono is one of the least Diva type celebrities on this planet. He made a few simple requests which any diner could make, and he has been lampooned over it.

Bet he never goes back to 'Butter' again.