U2 fans rejoice, the new U2 album will be released in June 2010 and will be called Songs Of Ascent. U2 frontman Bono indicated in an interview with the Irish press on Tuesday that a new album from the supergroup will be completed by the middle of the year. Bono also revealed that the name of the album will be Songs of Ascent.
The Irish rock singer said in the same interview that Songs of Ascent will function as a sister effort to No Line on the Horizon, similar to the way Zooropa and Achtung Baby shared conceptual and thematic links. Bono added that it's "a more meditative album on the theme of pilgrimage."
There are several U2 songs floating around that are rumored to be making their way onto Songs of Ascent, including "Winter," a song that didn't make No Line On The Horizon. "Winter" did, however, appear in the movie Brothers, directed by Irish screenwriter and director Jim Sheridan.
Another song believed to be on the album is "Kingdom Of Your Love," which was heard as part of the intro music during U2's recent tour in the U.S.
Songs of Ascent, a play on the biblical Song of Ascents, picks up where U2's previous effort, No Line on the Horizon left off and continues their string of showy, new age-y album titles. More importantly, in terms of content, Songs of Ascent is composed of songs recorded during the No Line on the Horizon sessions, but for some reason it didn't fit with the tone of that album.