Bono says he is ready to embrace his fiftieth birthday which takes place on May 10th and is using Leonard Cohen as his model. He attended a Cohen show last year and “I realized that all my favorite songs he wrote in his 50s and 60s. That, to me, was a throwdown.” Bono was speaking during an interview with Q magazine in Britain.

He promised some new material when the band resumes its tour. “Even if it’s an EP or a single song,”... We’ve been listening to new material for “Songs of Ascent”. We haven’t fully decided to press ‘go’ on that,” Bono said.

What will go ahead he believes is 'Spiderman' the financially troubled show set for Broadway saying it is "potentially one of the best things we’ve ever done”
He also believes there is much to be accomplished by holding the World Cup soccer finals in South Africa. “It’s important that the world gets to see the majesty and magical side of that most extraordinary continent,” he said.