Audiences are not groovy enough to understand what u2 are trying to do with their music Bono has claimed.

"Look, sometimes our audience isn't as groovy as we'd like," he said. "'Get on Your Boots', as it was released, is a sort of crossover, half-club, half-indie-rock record.

"People are not sure about the club side of U2. They want 'Vertigo'. And when we did this the last time — with 'Discotheque', from 'Pop', they didn't like it either."

However Adam Clayton the bass player diasgreed saying ‘Get on Your Boots’ “confused people” because it was so complicated.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “Interestingly, it's going off live. I think probably what happened was it's a common U2 problem. I think we probably worked on it and worked on it and worked on it, and instead of executing one idea well, I think we had probably five ideas in the song, and it just confused people. They weren't sure what they were hearing."