It had to happen and it finally did.
Bono, the man who has made debt and aid relief to Africa part of his life's work, finally got the Oval Office invite to meet with our Commander in Chief in Washington to discuss the administration's development work in Africa.
According to The White House press release the Irish social activist singer joined with President Obama, along with members of his national security staff, to talk about ways to make sure U.S. foreign aid is effective.
Bono also discussed opportunities for using innovation and technology to drive economic growth in Africa. The meeting Friday comes as the administration prepares for several international summits where development will be on the agenda.
All very worthy stuff and we will always admire Bono's tireless dedication, after all he's been doing it for over half his life. We just hope that the President asked the U2 singer to break his guitar out before he headed home.
If anyone knows how to turn a so-so day into a beautiful one it's Bono.