For the first time Bono has hinted that u2 could breakup in the future.

“U2 are now very close to irrelevance”, Bono has said, speaking to The Irish Times.

He was quoted at the Toronto Film Festival where a new documentary on the band was unveiled’

“We’ve been on the edge of irrelevance for the last 20 years but we’ve always managed to dodge it” he said yesterday, “Sure we could go on playing the big music in big places but we need to matter in the small places – we need to keep affecting people.
We need to get to that place if we are to survive”.
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The band is coming off its most successful live show ever but sales of its latest album have slumped as concert goers clearly prefer the oldies but goldies.

Bono also talked about his “meglomania” and stated that the others in U2 had a problem with him.

The new documentary ‘From the Sky Down’ outlines the creation of the successful 1991 album Achtung Baby.

Its director Davis Guggenheims said he had been “very surprised” that he had “complete access to the group’s archives”, Piers Handling, director of the Toronto International Festival said: “Davis Guggenheim’s fascinating account of this world-renowned band is the perfect film to kick off our 11-day celebration of artists, stories and voices from around the world.”