Bono, the lead singer with U2 who is currently on a break from touring, admitted this week he once got lost after a few drinks at the residence of the British Prime Minister.

Bono, who was spotted this week walking hand in hand with his wife Ali in Central Park, New York, said he got lost at 10 Downing Street after a few drinks and a nice meal.

Said Bono- "So I'm wandering through No. 10 and I got lost.

"It's a labyrinth.

"I'm walking into rooms, looking at pictures on the wall of David Lloyd George, who divided Ireland under threat of war.

"I thought how far have two countries come when the Irish rock star can wander through No. 10 unaccompanied.

"I should have taken a portrait of Lloyd!"

Bono was having dinner with Tony Blair at the time.

He admits he had a few glasses of wine.

He said Blair left the table to take a call and he helped himself to a look around causing awful confusion for the singer.