Bono and the Edge were stuck in a moment yesterday and it wasn't a beautiful day -- thanks to Ireland's arctic weather.

Passengers on the 4.25 from Cork to Dublin were astonished yesterday to find Bono and The Edge lining up like the rest of them for seats.

The dynamic duo were trying to make it back to Dublin from Australia for the Christmas but found Ireland's weather conditions almost got the better of them.

Their flight from Perth, Australia was diverted to Cork Airport because of the snow storm.

Once there the U2 lads could not find what they were looking for , a car to take them to Dublin as the roads were impassable.

So they took the train instead.

"As far as we understand Bono and Edge had been delayed and had spent 36 hours travelling from Perth, Australia when they were diverted to Cork. They contacted us and we were delighted to have them as passengers on Irish Rail yesterday," Barry Kenny of Irish Rail told the Irish Independent.

Stunned passengers originally thought they were part of a U2 tribute band.

Bu once they realized who they were, the U2 mates were were more that ready to sign autographs and chat to fellow passengers.

And they made it back home for Christmas.

So all will be quiet on New Year's Day with the duo back home. Let's hope they find what theyare looking for