Peaches Geldof and her husband Thomas Cohen
Cranky grandpa alert – Sir Bob Geldof loathes the name of his first grandchild so much that he desperately wants his daughter Peaches to make a switcheroo in favor of something more manly sounding.

Baby Astala Dylan Willow Cohen Geldof entered the world a couple of weeks ago, and though Papa Geldof is happy to finally have a lad in the family after siring three girls, he thinks the child is going to be up for heaps of ridicule thanks to his name.

“Yuck, gawd, that is still the name. I’ve been begging them to change it.  What’s he going to be called in school? Ass? Stella? It’s a girl’s

name, let’s face it,” 60-year-old Geldof complained during a radio interview in Perth, Australia last week.
Well, Sir Bob is the king of christening children with monikers that could only lead to torture in the schoolyard. Besides Peaches Honeyblossom, he and his former wife Paula Yates had two other daughters, Fifi Trixibelle and Little Pixie – not exactly names in the Ann and Mary stable of normalcy.

But Geldof says there were genuine reasons behind the untraditional names.  Fifi was named after his Aunt Fifi who is still alive at 103. "When Peaches popped out, I mean literally, she had that beautiful, English peaches and cream complexion," the Irish rocker and humanitarian said.

"The same was true with Pixie; when she came out she was all scrunched up with pointy ears. She looked like a pixie. So it's all very logical, but Astala, where's the logic?"

Nonetheless, Geldof is happy that Astala – born in London to Peaches, 23, and her 20-year-old British musician fiancé Thomas Cohen – has entered the world.

"I've swam in estrogen my entire life and now finally a little chap, it's great," he said.

Geldof also hopes to pass on his love of reading to Astala, noting that he grew up in Dublin without at TV at home and used to read for entertainment.

"The greatest pleasure in my life are books, I just read non-stop,” he said.