Does it suit? Niall Horan with his natural brown hair
As far as Simon Cowell’s concerned, blonds have more fun or at least that is what he is telling One Direction’s Niall Horan.

The Westmeath native was considering dying his hair back to his natural color but Cowell  warned the teenage heartthrob that it could lose him fans.

A source told the Sun newspaper, “Niall was desperate to get rid of his blond locks and go black just for an experiment, like loads of normal teens.”

“Luckily, he had the sense to ask Simon first because he knows how he works. He put in a text to him asking if he could change his hair color.”

The source continued, “Simon was straight back on to him with a short reply, "No way”.”

“Simon still controls a lot about the band down to the finest detail,” the source added.

On Tuesday the boy band flew back to London from Auckland, marking the end of their US, Australia and New Zealand trip.