Inspirational Irish American Leigh Anne Tuohy has stated that Americans are too quick to devalue people without knowing the real person inside.

Tuohy, took in and later adopted a homeless teenager, Michael Oher who later become one of the highest paid stars in the NFL.

His story was the basis for the "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game" a best-selling book and the movie adaptation, "The Blind Side."which won best actress award for Sandra Bullock playing Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Tohy told a Savannah,Georgia audience that "We're quick to value people inaccurately, be it a co-worker at the office or those who do the landscaping around our home," Tuohy said.

"Be careful how you value people. Everyone thought my son had zero value. You would take one look at his school records, and you'd think he was the village idiot. But today he's an NFL star, making millions of dollars a year, and an inspiration to everyone who knows his story."

"All it took was hope, opportunity and love to change a life," Touhy said. "How many other Michael Ohers are out there?"