The bishop who said that Prince William and Kate Middleton were like “shallow celebrities” and suggested that their marriage would end after seven years has been suspended from duty.

The Rt Rev Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden, made the comments on his Facebook page in the days following the announcement of the Royal engagement.

But the Church of  England bishop has backtracked on his comments and issued an apology.

However in the wake of his remarks, the Bishop of London, Bishop John Carew Chartres has asked Bishop Broadbent to step down and “withdraw from public ministry”.

Bishop Cartes said: “I was appalled by the Bishop of Willesden’s comments about the forthcoming royal marriage.

“In common with most of the country I share the joy which the news of the engagement has brought.

“I have now had an opportunity to discuss with Bishop Peter how his comments came to be made and I have noted his unreserved apology.

“Nevertheless, I have asked him to withdraw from public ministry until further notice. I have also been in touch with St James’s Palace to express my own dismay on behalf of the Church.

“Arrangements will need to be made in Bishop Peter’s absence and further details will be given in due course.”

Biship Broadbent has said that he has conveyed his “sincere regrets” to the both the Prince of Wales, his son Prince William and his future wife, Ms Middleton.

He added: "I recognise that the tone of my language and the content of what I said were deeply offensive, and I apologise unreservedly for the hurt caused.

"It was unwise of me to engage in a debate with others on a semi-public Internet forum and to express myself in such language.

"I accept that this was a major error of judgment on my part.

"'I wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a happy and lifelong marriage, and will hold them in my prayers.," he concluded.