has chosen Siobhan Magnus as the person they want to eliminate from American Idol calling her "bipolar."

Having seen their candidate Tim Urban eliminated last week they have now picked on Siobhan and what they call her "bipolar antics."
The website wrote" There really isn't another choice for us besides Siobhan Magnus.
This show has become so milquetoast with bland performances from the likes of Casey, Aaron, and Lee each week.
The only Worster thing to look forward to is Siobhan's screeching, talking back to the judges in the slowest possible manner, strange outfits, and bipolar antics.
She's been slowly but surely campaigning for our love for weeks, and it looks like it finally paid off.
She's clearly one of the worst singers and she does the #1 thing that a VFTW pick has to do: entertain. So let's keep this girl on the show for at least another week or two, because whatever she picks for Shania Twain week, we know we're gonna love it.
Caricature coming soon."
Amy thinks the last laugh will be on them somehow.