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The Bill O'Reilly/Jon Stewart stand off on Monday night promises to be a television classic.

Stewart has taken O'Reilly up on an invite to debate whether the rapper and poet Common who read at the White House last week is really a threat to society.

O'Reilly has been lashing into Common calling him a dangerous subversive. Stewart has been ridiculing O'Reilly for doing so.

So seconds out, round one, Monday night.

But maybe not.

Both men actually have a surprising amount of respect for each other.

Stewart has often remarked that O'Reilly is the only Fox host who has a a well thought out and articulate point of view rather than the crazies just throwing mud.

O'Reilly too has had Stewart on his show for the very same reason.

But tomorrow night could get really interesting.

O'Reilly and Stewart may not know it but they have turned the rapper Common into an overnight media celebrity.

So tomorrow night should sell some CDs if nothing else.

I'll take O'Reilly in ten rounds on points.

Bill O'Reilly's profile page


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