Who needs to party backstage with the band when the lead singer is actually one of your houseguests?

Welcome to the charmed world of Microsoft bazillionaire and famed philanthropist Bill Gates, who spoke to the Daily Mail last week about a number of things, including his pal Bono of U2. They’ve worked together for years on humanitarian issues in Africa, so when the band was in town to play a show in Gates’ homeplace, Seattle, Bono had a palatial place to rest his head. “We went to the concert with my daughter and three of her friends, so there were six of us and we took the minivan. I drove,” Gates said.  When the interviewer asked if Bono invited him backstage Gates paused.  “Umm, no – actually, he stayed at our house,” he answered.  The Gates kids must have had lots of bragging rights at school the next day! . . .

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