Bill Clinton and George Clooney
Former president Bill Clinton has his eyes set on George Clooney to portray him in a film if a biopic about him is ever made. Clinton made an appearance on Thursday on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ to chat with guest host Harvey Weinstein.

Clinton chatted humorously with Weinstein about his choice of George Clooney instead of other Hollywood A-Lister Brad Pitt. Pitt is “too good-looking” said Clinton, and opted for Clooney, with make-up of course.

“He’s good looking, but, you know, you could put bulbous things on his nose and you could do makeup with him,” said Clinton of Clooney playing him in a film.

Clinton went on to praise Clooney for his award-winning performance in 2011’s film ‘The Descendants’ by saying “He was so good in it, so real.”

Clooney’s no stranger to play politics in films. He received rave reviews for his turn in ‘The Ides of March,’ in which he played a presidential candidate.

And for Hillary Clinton? Bill picked multi-Oscar winner Meryl Streep to portray the first lady.

While there’s no definite plans yet for a biopic to be made, Clinton was portrayed by Dennis Quaid in HBO’s 2010 film ‘The Special Relationship.’ And, like many other presidents over the decades, Clinton has been numerously parodied on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Do you think Clooney would make a good fit for Clinton?