Jennifer Garner and loving husband Ben Affleck

As if we couldn't love Ben Affleck anymore than we already do! At the Director's Guild of America Awards on Saturday, Affleck said in his acceptance speech "I have to just thank my wife for being the best person in the world. I love you."

Affleck took home the award for Best Director for his work on 'Argo.'

Ben also opened up about his hopes for their family, according to, and said: "I want our daughters to break boundaries." Affleck and Garner have three children - Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Ben recently revealed he doesn't want his children to follow in his and Jennifer's footsteps in Hollywood because he already thinks they are exposed too much.

He said: "I would do whatever I could to discourage that. My kids have enough issues of being exposed in ways that I don't want them to be exposed, in magazines and shows and stuff."

But he previously revealed he thinks his working life is "richer" because of his family life.

He explained: "They're the most important people in my life. Family is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't mean you can't do other stuff in your life. In fact, having a family makes whatever other thing you have that much richer. If it was just me, I'd be home alone and think, 'Well, something good happened at work', but it's much nicer to share it with people you love."

"I think any time you become a richer person you have more substance. I hope that happened to me with having a family, but you never know!"