The ‘Town’ director – who is married to actress Jennifer Garner - is thankful for his career as a filmmaker and actor, but doesn’t think the road will continue without bumps and always wants to be “brave” and take risks.

He said: “Failure is just a function of risk. I look at my great heroes as actors and directors and none of them have perfect records. I imagine I will have an even more imperfect record.

“I think you have to still be brave enough to take risks. Today I am enjoying the success. Being number one at the box office is pretty cool. But I’ve been round the block enough times to know it won’t last forever.”

The 38-year-old hunk thinks without failure he would have gone “crazy”, and thinks it has helped him build his character.

He told Live: “I’ve been privileged to have a career long enough to see every part of the business, every part of success and failure. It’s much healthier that way. I would be crazy and insufferable if I hadn’t had those bumps along the way. There’s a lot to be said for how you face adversity, how you react – and how you move on.”