Ben Affleck
and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got their son Samuel baptised in Charleston, West Virginia, on Sunday.

The couple, who celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on Saturday night, took 16-month-old Samuel and their daughters Violet, seven, and Seraphina, four, to Jennifer's family church, the Christ Church United Methodist, so their little boy could be welcomed into the Christian faith.

A parishioner told People magazine: "He's [Samuel] really cute. He was wearing little blue overalls.
"He kept trying to high-five the pastor as he was getting baptised."

While the girls was well behaved during their ceremony, Seraphina ran around the church and her famous father was forced to chase her.

The parishioner added: "Violet was very well-behaved. Seraphina was funny - she was running around, and Ben had to keep getting up to run after [her]."

Ben looked dapper in a fitted suit and Jennifer wowed in an elegant  white dress and the family looked "really happy" as they enjoyed the special day.

On Saturday the pair enjoyed a meal at Pies & Pints - a local pizza restaurant - where they had a low-key dinner of beer, pizza and salad as they cosied up on their anniversary.

Fellow diner Robyn Brammer said: "They were so cute, holding hands and kissing each other. She had her hand on his leg."

Owner of Pies & Pints, Rob Lindeman, revealed the pair, who are "solid people" were having "a great time" at their regular eatery.

They headed to Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream for dessert where Ben allegedly tipped the employees working at the time "like $100 each".