The Bee Gee brothers

The 66-year-old musician will be performing on his 'Mythology' tour this September but insists any tracks that featured Robin - who died in May 2012, aged 62, after losing his battle with cancer - are off limits as a mark of respect to his sibling.

Barry - who lost his other brother and bandmate Maurice, Robin's twin, in 2003 - said: "On stage I am not singing the songs that Robin sang. I won't encroach on his territory.

"I'm not going to try to do anything that Rob did. I'll only do the songs I was instrument in creating or that we collaborated together."

The 'You Win Again' hitmaker also explained his competitive relationship with his brother Robin ran throughout their music career and caused tensions between them, which led to them becoming distant in the years prior to his death.

Barry was left completely grief-stricken in the wake of Robin's passing, but he has managed to find peace back on stage.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, the singer said: "We all lose someone and you have to deal with it and grow from it in some way, my way of handling it was to go back on stage ... Inside me I have found the hunger to be on stage again - like when I was a child. Music has been my therapy; I didn't go and see a psychiatrist or anyone for help. I have dealt with it myself through music.

Barry wrote a song titled 'The End of the Rainbow' which he sang during a visit to his brother Robin during his last days.

Recalling the emotional moment he performed it to him, Barry said: "He didn't open his eyes, but I did get a responses."