A highly anticipated meeting between one Irish-American comic and another led to the most nail-biting, beard-shaving event that TV has seen in a long time.

Will Ferrell stopped by Conan O'Brien's late night hit Conan and fulfilled the promise he had made weeks ago regarding shaving off Conan's beard.

O'Brien was subsequently strapped down into a old-school barber's chair and was comforted by a series of vintage Playboy magazines from the seventies.

Ferrell wittily remarked "you're not going to find anything shaven in there, my friend."

Armed with an electric razor he dubbed "Excalibeard," Ferrell showed O'Brien the possible facial hair-art that he was considering; among the possibilities were "gay illusionist" and Hitler.

O'Brien, who was masking his nerves with laughter, asked the audience if Ferrell was doing a good job, prompting a burst of applause.

Their support, however, was futile as a professional had to finish off the job during the commercial break after Ferrell admitted he had only shaved a dog before. 

The beard-shaving came mere weeks after Ferrell posted a video online threatening to make sure O'Brien's face would be smooth.

Ferrell's hilarious antics did not stop there, as he was also seen kissing fellow Irish-American actor John C. Reilly at a Los Angeles Lakers game that same day.