Malia Obama

There are times when it’s got to be tough being a teenaged kid of the president of the United States.

Malia Obama, the 14-year-old first child of President Obama, tried to blend into the crowd at a One Direction concert in Virginia last week, but the media got wind of her appearance and started snapping photos of her and her Secret Service handlers.

Mom and Dad obviously heard that Malia’s appearance was making news, and several media outlets, including the Huffington Post, deleted the story from their websites.

The HuffPo in particular acted fast in pulling the story that Malia is a One Direction fan – 1D, as the mega-band is known to their fans, features an Irish 19-year-old from Westmeath, Niall Horan.

“Within hours, the entire (Malia) post was scrubbed from the site without explanation, and the post’s URL was hastily changed to direct users to the site’s celebrity section,” the Daily Caller website reported.
Another popular site, Buzzfeed, also altered its concert coverage.  One minute the headline was “Malia Obama Goes to the One Direction Concert with the Secret Service.”  But a day later the story and headline was changed to “Secret Service Agent Does Not Appear to Enjoy One Direction Concert,” without any mention of Malia at the show at all.

The Obamas are naturally very protective of their two girls.  Though they’ve been showered with advantages most kids can only dream of, it’s easy to feel a bit sorry for the Obama kids when all they want to do is be anonymous and enjoy some music just like the rest of their friends.

“From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest,” Kristina Schake, communications director for Michelle Obama, told Politico.

Horan, meanwhile, is taking America by storm with his other four 1D bandmates. Every show across the country is sold out, including the three that they played in New York and New Jersey last weekend, and teen girls all over are going berserk.

“Oh my jersey ,that blew our were sooo loud.. we cannot believe that just happened..mental is an understatement …i cannot believe is goin on in my life right now.. i just came off stage to 16,100 people..what the hell,” Horan, 18, tweeted after the New Jersey show on Friday night.

Hard to believe these guys were unknowns a few months ago here. Now they’re the hottest act in the country, hanging out at movie premieres with the likes of Will Smith and attracting mobs of smitten girls wherever they go.

Their American Dream sure has come true, and then some!