Ashton Kutcher's former Twitter profile pic

Ashton Kutcher has almost made a profession of being a technologically advanced celebrity and a Twitter enthusiast but he has now revealed, to the TV Guide, that Apple initially called one of their new iPhone 5 apps after the "Two and Half Men" star.

"The Kutcher", according to Mr Kutcher is "an in-mail editable text expander".

According to Apple's website the app lets you "type faster on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets. With TextExpander touch, you create a library of abbreviation shortcuts for snippets of text that you use frequently, such as addresses, URLs, and standard replies. Tap that abbreviation, and it automatically expands to the full snippet."

This app does seem like the Twitter, social networking obsessed Kutcher aka ApulsK, and all those iPhone addicted Macheads out there would be interested.

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Kutcher is currently gearing up for his debut on "Two and a Half Men". The young star, and husband of Demi Moore, is replacing Charlie Sheen whose drug and alcohol fooled antics and loud-mouthed remarks lost him his show.

It seems that Kutcher is nervous about filling such big and much-loved shoes. He told the TV Guide "Moving into somebody else's house is a scary thing. Who knew what the dynamic would be and how everybody would feel?"

However speaking to David Letterman some weeks ago he remarked that he's looking forward to getting back into the world of sitcoms having played the beloved character of the dumbass Kelso for years.

He said "I never forgot that when I was on the 70’s Show because I never forgot what we had. How great and how fun the job was, and how great it is to go to work everyday and make people laugh."

“Two and a Half Men's” season nine will premiere on September 19.