Ashton Kutcher

The ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor – who recently split from wife Demi Moore after six years of marriage – has reportedly viewed a lavish five bedroom and eight bathroom “bachelor pad”, which boasts a panoramic view of Los Angeles.

Additionally, the plush mansion comes complete with a floating dining room, infinity swimming pool, hot tub, private screening room and an open sky terrace.

A source told gossip website X17: “Ashton loved this property. It has bachelor pad written all over it. This neighborhood is stunning. It's a trophy house with a view of all of Los Angeles. It's totally the type of place a hot, single Hollywood guy would want."

Meanwhile, Ashton’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ co-star Lea Michele has admitted spending two weeks stuck in an elevator with the hunk while the pair filmed the festive ensemble movie was an “awesome” experience.

She told the Los Angeles Times: “I got to be stuck in an elevator with him for two weeks, which was awesome, he's hilarious. But he's also really smart and would talk about everything going on in the world, and I had absolutely no idea about half the stuff he was talking about.

"So I would go home and Google everything, and try to brush up on everything that was going on in the world, to come in the next day and try to have a conversation. But he was great, he made me feel really comfortable."
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