Susan Boyle collapsing at Heathrow Airport is not a good sign for her future health.

This is the second time in recent weeks that an airport incident has led to Susan being in the headlines.

It all speaks to an incredible lack of caring by her handlers.

The message is clear. Susan, who is making millions for everyone, should be flying by private jet to her overseas appointments.

She should not be forced to wait in line in airports where she is clearly ill at ease. The stress factor in airports is well known to everyone to begin with.

When you add in the incredible scrutiny that Susan faces at every public appearance, and the fact that she has been month after month in this same intense spotlight, it seems clear what the way to handle this is.

Are her handlers that cheap that they cannot afford a private jet for their prize asset, the woman who is making millions for everyone?

Bet your bottom dollar that Simon Cowell is not flying with the great unwashed when he sets out for Los Angeles.

No way Susan should be either. It is just common sense. The journey too far may be only around the corner. It is is time her handlers took heed.