The 28-year-old actress – who plays lead character Emma Morley in the movie adaptation of the David Nicholls novel – explained she and her partner, actor Adam Shulman, had an argument before he watched the film.

However, he was so affected by its message that they made up instantly when he returned home.

She said: “My boyfriend went to see it for the first time yesterday, right after we’d had a fight – he won’t mind me telling you this- then he came home and we hadn’t made up yet.
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“I said, very quietly, ‘What did you think?’ He said, ‘OK, I was so mad at you, but Oh God, I’m destroyed right now, it was so good’. We’ve made up. Everything’s fine. He was like, ‘I so didn’t wanna enjoy it, but Emma got me. It wasn’t you. It was Emma’.”

The brunette beauty also admitted she has now learned how to fully “get lost in acting”, rather than approaching a part from outside of herself.

Anne added to Culture magazine: “In the past I might have beaten myself up about not thinking I’d been very good. I did what I thought actors were supposed to do, attack a part from without, rather than within.

“It’s not surprising, because I used to audition for four or five commercials a day, and they’re all about being external. I’m better at just being who I am now. And at getting lost in acting. That’s the feeling I seek.”