Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess bonded over card games while shooting 'One Day.'

The two stars play lead characters Emma and Dexter in the Lone Scherfig-directed adaptation of David Nicholls' book, and to create the chemistry their roles required they spent a lot of time together on set playing games and listening to music to get to know each other.

Jim told BANG Showbiz: "The chemistry is sort of in the words and in the screenplay. Dexter and Emma have great chemistry so we just kind of act that! We were lucky me and Anne got on so well. We were really blessed to develop a friendship of our own when we went through the filming experience. But we never really talked about it, like, 'How are we going to get this chemistry?'

"We played a lot of cards. We listened to music. We were stuck in a make-up chair for such a long period of time and we just played each other songs, just sort of hung out. The card games? It's a swear word! S**t Head. You know that game? Good, I'm not mad. We played that a lot."

Anne believes the best way to get good chemistry with a co-star is to let it happen naturally and relax in each other's company.

She added: "I find the more pressure you put on chemistry, the worse it is going to be. The thing about chemistry, it's about people not feeling self conscious around each other so, I think if you sit down and do bullet points, it is kind of pointless. We just kind of relaxed."


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