Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman 
The 'Dark Knight Rises' actress and her fiance celebrated their impending nuptials with 125 guests at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in downtown Manhattan although no other celebrities were invited to the party, according to People magazine.

Anne and Adam - who started dating in 2008 following Anne's split from Raffaello Follieri after he pled guilty to 14 counts of money laundering, conspiracy and wire fraud - announced their engagement in November and Anne explained he "ruined" her plans to stay single.

She said: "We hit if off immediately but it took us a pretty long time to get together. He thought that I had a boyfriend and I thought that he had a girlfriend, so I thought that I'd better keep my distance because I didn't want to be that girl.

"I am very much in love with him, [only] Adam totally ruined my plan. I was really actually looking forward to a little alone time, and then I fell in love like a fool!"

Anne - who had previously been against the idea of getting married - revealed she changed her mind about the institution after witnessing her best friend walk down the aisle.

She said: "I was at my best friend's wedding, and I watched this person who I love like a sister, and who has changed my life and continues to change my life for the better, who I feel as close to as I do my family, commit herself to a man who she loves, and I watched how happy it made her.

"I mean, she looked like she was riding a bubble the whole night. I thought, 'Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.' "