Ann Curry
While greeting cheering onlookers, “Today Show” host, Ann Curry, who was recently given her marching orders, got a slap in the nose from a crowd-panning camera.

It was a complete accident and everyone on the scene responded very light heartedly to the situation.

Although the camera hit Curry’s nose which she is seen holding after she continued to laugh and say that she did break her nose before, after Lauer added, “That was reminiscent of the revolving door incident of years ago.”

When the camera made its way back to Curry, Roker, Morales and Lauer, Ann remained composed as Morales assured her, “Your nose is OK,” while Roker joked that her dental work still looked great.

After a great recovery made by all, the Today crew provided viewers with a replay in case they missed it the first time.

Roker provided the commentary- “Here we go- boom!”

Watch the incident here: