Anjelica Huston
The actress took time out from her career following the death of her husband Robert Graham from a rare blood disease in 2008, and she admits she was glad to work on the comedy movie – about life and death and cancer – because she could get tearful.

She told Radio Times magazine: "It was extremely cathartic. Every day I could legally cry, which was important to me. I was living it the way I lived it. My work has always reflected my life."

Following his death Anjelica – who is also known for her relationship with Jack Nicholson – left Los Angeles and she thinks it helped her begin to get over her grief.

She added: "It takes me away from the pain I was going through in the last few years, with death and being in a house that I knew at some point I would have to move away from.

"Change is sometimes very painful. A new person emerges from the chrysalis of who you were and you go from feeling vulnerable to feeling that something brilliant has changed your life for the better."

Here's the trailer for "50/50":