‘Anger Management’ star Charlie Sheen loves snacking on raw ginger

The former bad boy has swapped drugs and alcohol for healthy snacks and his personal chef  Khristianne Uy revealed Charlie is always willing to experiment when it comes to food.

She told People magazine: ""He loves snacking on raw ginger. He'll try anything! He's cool like that.
He'll be like, 'Come to the ['Anger Management' set, K, cook whatever you want.' He's working out again."
Although Charlie was once renowned for wild parties at his home, these days the 'Anger Management' actor prefers to have friends over for dinner.

Khristianne explained: "It's just a normal house. We're usually here for a late dinner and wait for the last guest to leave, but that's just after midnight. Everyone is pretty much civil around here."

Charlie has completely turned his life around following his dramatic firing from 'Two And A Half Men' after he reportedly went on a drug and alcohol binge and fell out with the show's creator Chuck Lorre in 2011.
Last year he donated $75,000 to 10-year-old Jasmine Faulk's cancer fund last week after learning about her tragic story through his stunt double Eddie Braun, who had donated $25,000 himself.

The father of five was touched by her courage after meeting her police officer dad, telling him: "No parent should have to watch their kid go through that."

Charlie subsequently made a generous donation to the fund to raise money for Jasmine, who needs over a year of expensive medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.