CNN host Anderson Cooper could not contain his laughter last night on his usually serious news show. While cracking some jokes about Gerard Depardieu urinating on a flight from Paris to Dublin the anchor lost it and broke down giggling at his own puns.

The French star of ‘Green Card’ has been trying to play down the incident. Depardieu tried to use the bathroom on the CityJet flight to Dublin before take-off. When he was refused, after saying “I need to piss, I need to piss”, he went ahead and urinated in front of the other passengers. The actor maintains he tried to do this “as discreetly as possible”.

Ryanair can't resist using Gérard Depardieu's public urination as a marketing ploy - PHOTO

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French actor Gerard Depardieu urinates in front of passengers on airplane to Ireland - VIDEO
Cooper explained the story by saying that Depardieu had "created his own little jet stream, or as the French would say "oui, oui". He went on to say "I would have guessed he flies 'in continental'" and added that the "airline was busy putting the "P" back in PR some of the passengers just couldn't hold it anymore and started spilling their views to the press. Can you blame them? They saw an actual thespian actually thespian". This was when Cooper began to lose his cool. 

As Cooper broke down in tears of laughter he apologized saying “Sorry this has actually never happened to me before. You always see this sort of thing on YouTube and you don’t think it will happen to you.”

How right you were Cooper. Here’s the clip from last night: