Although Amy Adams feels intimidated by Kristen Stewart and most young people she also admitted to being a big fan of Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" books.

Speaking to Variety Adams said that following filming in New Orleans for "On the Road"  she admitted "I guess I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm suspicious of teenagers and I'm intimidated a little bit."

Referring to Stewart she said "She's not a teenager, but she's close enough and I was very intimidated."

She also enjoys the book series "I told [Stewart] I read the books and she was like, 'You've read the books?'...She couldn't compute it, but you have to imagine I was playing this sort of bedraggled drug addict, so she was like, ‘That doesn't seem like the audience.' But she was incredibly gracious and lovely."

Adams will star in Mark Walhberg's new movie "The Fight" which tells the story of Irish boxer Mickey Ward.