Jedward and Tara Reid
“American Pie” star Tara Reid was reunited with Jedward this week at the premiere of “American Pie: The Reunion” at the Savoy, in Dublin. 

Reid told the Herald John and Edward Grimes (aka Jedward) are like here “little brothers”. The unlikely buddies met on “Celebrity Big Brother” in Britain in 2011. 

She said “"I just adore them, they're the smartest kids, they're so talented, I just love them.”

It seems that the Dublin stars Jedward stole the show at the premiere despite the Hollywood big wigs on hand. 

A source said “They were screaming even before Jedward had arrived and it was complete pandemonium when they did get there.

"They were trying to get all the stars of the film to go inside but Tara Reid kept going back outside to pose for pictures with the two boys. She couldn't get over how popular they were in Ireland and loved sharing the limelight with them."

Also at the premiere were Seann William Scott, aka Stifler, and the actress who plays Stifler's cougar Mom, Jennifer Coolidge.