Ireland's pride, Siobhan Magnus, failed to impress the 'American Idol' judges last night with her version of "When We Believe," from Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

The usually Labrador-like Randy Jackson said he didn’t know why Magnus “picked the toughest song of the night.”

He said her performance was “just okay” for him.

Minx-like Kara DioGuardi said the song was sung “technically well” but miaowed that she was still confused as to what kind of artist Magnus is.

“I’m starting to think if I heard you on the radio I’d perfer to hang out with you than buy your records and thats worrying,” said DioGuardi.

Well honey, have you seen Mariah or Whitney lately? (Actually, the last sighting of Houston was as she dashed to make the ferry across the Irish Sea for her gig in Dublin).

(Oh hold the headline; "Houston, we have a problem!)

Anyway, uber-judge and Rottweiller-like Simon Cowell blasted Siobhan, saying “the arrangement was old fashioned for me.”

He didn't like Siobhan's dress either. He said there were too many butterflies and that they “distracted,” him. Honey, you're easily distracted.

It was down to Ellen DeGeneres as ever to sing Siobhan's praises.

“For me it’s confirmation why you are here,” she said.

Right on Ellen.