It's a rare honor bestowed upon very few celebrities but this week rumors are circulating that the king of reality television Simon Cowell will receive a knighthood in the Queen of England's birthday Honors.

It's not for his harsh judging and his flippant comments he is being recognized for on the slew of reality shows he appears on but rather for the charity work he does on the quiet.

Cowell has also generated millions of dollars for the British record industry with success stories such as Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis.

It is believed that he was personally recommended by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Cowell was the brainchild behind Brown's idea for a star-studded, fundraising record for Haiti earthquake victims earlier this year in Britain.

The CD Everybody Hurts, which featured Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey and Rod Stewart, raised £1million.

A Westminster source said: "Gordon Brown was very keen for Simon to get proper recognition for all his work, here and abroad."

A source close to Cowell said: It would be a wonderful tribute."