Amanda Bynes

The 27-year-old actress's fourth nose job had to be rescheduled on Saturday until next week and she hinted that she plans to go under the knife for a few more procedures as part of her dramatic makeover.

The 'Easy A' star tweeted last Friday : "My surgeon can't perform surgery tomorrow so I need to wait until next week ;("

On Wednesday, she wrote: "I plan of  having surgery on my whole face straight up."She then added: "I love surgery."

The former Nickelodeon star, who recently revealed she had her breast implants removed, had her first nose job in early May and despite initially being happy with the results, she underwent a second procedure in early June and a third last Saturday, to shave down "the bone that forms the bridge of my nose" to increase her confidence.

A source close to the retired actress, who hopes to carve out a new career in the music industry, previously suggested that she is on the verge of becoming addicted to cosmetic surgery.

The insider recently explained: "The change in her nose has made Amanda feel so more confident. She's become addicted to the confidence each surgery gives her ... She bemoaned that she stopped working because she was so vain that she didn't like how her nose was looking on camera."