Amanda Bynes

The 'Easy A' actress, who was charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment and marijuana possession after being arrested at her apartment in New York City on May 23, appeared in court on Tuesday wearing an aqua-colored wig, sweatpants and a tank top but remained completely silent as the judge ruled that the case would continue on August 26.

According to gossip website the 27-year-old troubled starlet, who accused a police officer of  "sexually harassing" her at the time of her arrest, was also informed that she will not have to appear in court next month but must be present on September 26.

The 'She's The Man' actress had accused one of the arresting officers of entering her apartment illegally, slapping her vagina and lying about her throwing a bong - a device used to smoke cannabis - out of the window in front of him.

Internal Affairs investigated the serious allegations made by the actress but could find nothing to corroborate her claims and have concluded all officers acted appropriately and professionally.
Amanda, whose behavior has been increasingly strange in recent months, is adamant she did nothing wrong and was unfairly targeted by police.

Earlier this year, the 'Hairspray' actress pleaded no contest to driving with a suspended license in Burbank, California, in September 2012 and was placed on three years' probation.

The actress still faces charges stemming from her April 2012 DUI arrest.

Shortly before appearing in court on Tuesday, Amanda complained that she is very unhappy after undergoing her fourth nose job over the weekend.

She wrote on Twitter: "My surgeon broke my nose during surgery but hasn't finished my nose! It's still broken and I can't breathe. I hate taking pictures with a broken nose."