Amanda Bynes

The troubled actress had been due to appear in court on October 19 over the misdemeanor offenses but her attorney's have been given a continuance, meaning she will not be formally booked on the charges next week as planned.

A source told "Amanda's attorney went into court early ahead of next week's scheduled court appearance on October 19 and was granted a continuance.

"The judge also gave Amanda an extension for turning herself into the cops to be formally booked. Amanda had been expecting to be booked next week, but the judge is now going to allow Amanda to turn herself in sometime in November.

"Amanda is in New York City right now and she is trying to launch her fashion career. Amanda will absolutely turn herself in to be fingerprinted and mug shot taken when required to do so. Amanda doesn't have a valid driver's license right now and is off the roads, so she doesn't pose a threat to anyone."

Last month, the 'Easy A' actress pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the hit and run cases.

She faces a total of five criminal charges, including driving under the influence (DUI), two separate hit and run accidents and two counts of driving on a suspended license.

Amanda - who claims to have retired from acting - has displayed erratic behavior in recent months, and has been dropped by her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer after they found they had been unable to get in touch with her for four weeks.