Amanda Bynes

The 27-year-old actress, whose involuntary psychiatric hold was extended by 30 days on Friday , after her mother Lynn Bynes was granted a temporary conservatorship over her, was allowed to spend time with her pet Pomeranian, Sherbert, in hospital on Thursday night , after she repeatedly asked to see her pooch.

The troubled starlet was admitted to hospital by police on July 22, shortly after she lit a small fire in the driveway of a stranger's home in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, during which she accidentally soaked her Pomeranian puppy in gasoline and surveillance video showed her rushing into a nearby liquor store to wash the pet.

The dog is in the care of her parents, Lynn and Rick, while she receives treatment but she was "thrilled" to be allowed to spend 30 minutes with the dog after they brought Sherbert to see her after visiting hours on Thursday night, according to gossip website

The 'Easy A' star also found it very comforting to have her dog by her side for a short time.

Amanda's lawyer told the court during the hearing on Friday, which the actress did not attend, that she did not believe the conservatorship, which gives her parents legal control of her until she gets her life back on track, was necessary.

Another court date has been set for September 30 to reassess Amanda's care.