One of the six teenagers charged in the Phoebe Prince case has been arrested for drunk driving.

18-year-old Austin Renaud was arrested in Saturday morning in Holyoke, not far from South Hadley, where the suicide of Irish girl Phoebe Prince took place.

Renaud has been charged with statutory rape in the case but his lawyer says he had little or nothing to do with the bullying and that he had a consensual relationship with Prince. Experts say the case against Renaud may be the weakest.

His lawyer has since said that Renaud has been living in fear and that he has been threatened

His lawyer has vowed to recover documents about whether Phoebe was receiving treatment for any medical or psychiatric conditions before her suicide.

He was released on $40 bail and is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday in Holyoke District Court.

Prince hanged herself January 14 after what Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel called “unrelenting” bullying.