Lindsay and Ali Lohan

The 19-year-old model sister of Lindsay Lohan says she takes pride in her family, despite the frequent drama surrounding them, but hopes her work can distract from the fame that comes from being Lindsay's sister.

She told The Daily Beast: “[I hope] that my dedication to work outshines any name that is attached to me. I’m proud to be a Lohan and I will always will be.”

Ali, who recently signed a contract with the Wilhemina model agency in New York, wants to be known for her dedication to her job rather than her family name.

She said: “I just want to be known for being dedicated and being true to myself. I think working really hard and being on time will pay off in the end.”

Ali chose to be a model rather than following in her famous actress sister's footsteps because it felt “natural”.

She explained: “I love the diversity, I just love how everything is always changing and growing. You are constantly learning new things..

“I would love to branch out and [start a clothing label] down the line. Definitely yes.”